Three Walking Tours in Washington, D.C.

Rascals in the White House; Join the Gang

press secretary on the edge

what a president tells his gardener


Come, take a walk with us.
Explore history up-close and personal. 

Pickle Pea Walks is an immersive experience where guests are presented the opportunity to walk and talk with historical figures (actors portraying real people from the past) who have first-hand knowledge and the inside scoop about our nation’s history.

It is our hope that by experiencing the past through the eyes of real people and hearing their personal stories, history will come alive for our walking tour guests! 

We want our guests to feel history, to engage with history,
to have a sense of the time and the place of history. We want to leave our guests inspired and wanting to to know even more about the people and places of history!

On a Pickle Pea Walk with History,
Guests Discover Differently!

Beth Amann as Liz Carpenter

Beth Amann as Liz Carpenter

Please Note: Our walks DO NOT go into the White House.

Visit the White House website for information on public, group tours inside the White House.