We Love Making History Come Alive!


Our mission is to present history in a light that is not boring and is much more than a set of facts to be learned. We want walk participants to "come alive" on our walks and feel the history around them through a truly immersive experience.

Our History

We premiered our walks in the summer of 2016 in Washington, DC.

We are an arm of Children’s Concierge, an education company that helps families explore destinations around the world with their children for the purpose of embellishing their children’s education. So we aim to please kids as well as their parents.

We began in Washington—because Children’s Concierge, our parent company, is based here.

Why We Started Pickle Pea Walks

We’ve learned through working with Children’s Concierge that people quickly forget facts and figures but they remember the way an experience made them feel. So we wanted to put feeling into some Washington, DC experiences.

What Does Pickle Pea Mean?

Here’s what our founder had to say:

“As for the name “Pickle Pea” — when my husband and I were dating he use to write songs for me, all quite clever. The one I liked the most was called “Pickles and Peas.” Later it became our saying for cheering each other on to good things. So “Pickle Pea” is a version of this with just the right rhythm for cheering the walks on.”

Why Our First Walks Are About the White House

The White House came to mind immediately! Almost every visitor to Washington, DC wants desperately to tour the White House. But, it’s not easy to get a tour INSIDE the White House.  There is only one tour of the White House and it requires going through a visitor’s State Delegation in Congress (or their embassy), jumping through a few hoops and spinning in circles a bit and even then it’s not a sure bet.  So a common feeling visitors have about seeing the White House is—disappointment.

To make matters worse, even when they do get a tour of the White House, visitors are very frequently just as disappointed with the experience itself. The tour walks you through only a few of the public rooms, you receive no information about what you’re seeing and the experience is short, too short—you’re in and out!

So we decided to begin by putting some meat on and emotion into experiencing the White House.

We decided to present a look at the White House through the eyes of three different people from White House history who actually lived there or worked there and had good stories to tell. We wanted each historical figure selected to know the White House from a different vantage point.

(Well, we use actors to portray these historical figures; the real people are deceased.)