If you agree with us that history (of all sorts) is much more than boring facts and dates that everyone forgets, and if you think history is being made every second of the day, and if you think all of these accumulated seconds are totally interesting and important to our daily lives—let us hear from you!

We are always interested in expanding our team of talented folks.


Here’s a bit of information about the skills we look for:


Our poor directors! We expect them to be super people! We ask them to—


  • Understand how to bring history to life in a way that is intriguing yet authentic.

  • Help our actors tell first person stories that reveal as much about a time period as they do about a person.

  • Have a vision that is bigger than the one we give them.

  • Demand really good, relevant research!

  • Love to delve into and figure out how people behaved differently in different periods of history. And maybe why. Then be able to translate this behavior via their actors for modern-day audiences.

  • Think like an audience—that is moving rather than sitting still.

  • Be a super communicator and willing to communicate constantly!

  • Be totally organized!

  • Have fun!

Cultural Interpreter/Actor

We want our actors to—


  • Love getting into the skin of someone else. Create a chemistry with the historical figure they are iplaying.

  • Care about presenting an authentic person. Be willing to do their own research about the historical figure they are interpreting; to search beyond the obvious for the real character.

  • Learn all they can about the time period in which their character lived. And present this time period to their audience.

  • Personally engage their audience and invite their audience to get to know the character they are interpreting.

  • Memorize gobs of script! Sorry about this, but our writers have given us such wonderful scripts! We don’t want to leave a word out!

  • Be especially prepared to creatively engage the children in their audience.

  • Be prepared to address all sorts of questions (Oh yes! All sorts of questions!) from their character’s viewpoint.

  • Be prepared to engage a group of 20 or so people with a flair as they move them around a public square with all sorts of other activities going on around, everywhere.

  • Be a good storyteller!

  • Have fun!


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