Meet Adalia - Costumer for Pickle Pea's Walks With History

Getting It Right --- Creating Authentic Costumes

We want Pickle Pea Productions’ Walks With History to tell authentic stories that transport our walk guests to each walk character’s period in history with accuracy. Appropriate costumes are a big part of accomplishing this goal. So our wonderful costumer, Adalia Tonneyck, has to look not only at the story we are telling and the time period and the location and social status of the characters, but she has to get even deeper. She has to study each of the characters, figure out who they are, where they’re going and where they end up at the end of their journey. Whew! What a job!

Here’s a chance to meet and learn a bit about Adalia:

Adalia Tonneyck with her husband

Adalia Tonneyck with her husband

Pickle Pea: Did you always want to be a costume designer?

Adalia Tonneyck: I always knew I wanted to do something in the arts and with theater. My grandparents had a great love for all the arts. I grew up in NYC  so I was lucky to be able to go to museums and many theater performances from a young age. It wasn't until I got to high school and was in fashion class that I realized I could be costume designer.

 Pickle Pea:  Is there a play you are absolutely dying to costume? If so, what is it and why do you have a passion about it?

Adalia Tonneyck: I am always happy to do a new play or old play in a new way.

 Pickle Pea: You are so talented! Can you sing and dance too?

Adalia Tonneyck: I do, but badly. 

Pickle Pea: Tell us just a few of the interesting things you’ve learn about history through designing costumes?

Adalia Tonneyck: I've learned that every fashion trend in history has a story.

Pickle Pea: What is the most difficult play you’ve costumed? And why?

Adalia Tonneyck: Into the woods because it has a lot of magical things happening on stage.

Pickle Pea: Have you ever had an actor lose one of your costumes on stage?

Adalia Tonneyck: Never on stage just backstage. And most likely they just misplaced it.

Pickle Pea: What period of history interests you the most?

Adalia Tonneyck: The 1800's. From start to finish there is big change every 10 to 20 years in the style and what was happening.

Pickle Pea: Who are easier to work with kids or adults? Men or women?

Adalia Tonneyck: Kids!  They listen better and are honest.

Pickle Pea: What advice do you have for our readers about taking-in the costumes they see in a play? What does the costume tell you about the character?

Adalia Tonneyck: (They should ask) --- Does the whole design seem cohesive? Is there any part of the play in which the costumes don’t make sense based on the story?

Pickle Pea: Are the costumes we see on the stage or on a Pickle Pea walk thrown together because, of course, no one will know! Or do you take care that they are authentic and well constructed? 

Adalia Tonneyck: No costume is thrown together!  Whether I am buying, making or finding a costume I always start with research. Then I think about what story the characters are telling and how I can better tell that story.

That's our Adalia Tonneyck!