Exploring DC --- Special Activities for the Young At Heart

There is so much to experience in DC and so many different ways to have these experiences. I personally think the best way to experience almost anything is to toss it around, turn it upside down and look at it inside and out. In other words, to look at it like the young at heart would. 

So, here are some suggestions for a different look at DC:
•    Make a photo collection of all the Washington, DC buildings with domes. Then find out why in the world they have this interesting architectural feature.

•    Search for rectangles all over the city. 

•    Take a ride around all the circles in DC. Then decide the one you would change and how you would change it.

•    Shout  “Whoopie” every time you see a Washington, DC building with columns. 

•    Ask someone in an art museum/art gallery to tell you how they clean their famous paintings.

•    After you explore the Lincoln Memorial --- Think about what’s on the very top of it. What does it look like to the birds?  In fact, think about what the entire city looks like to the birds. 

•    Find the underground passage between two museums in the city.  Can you imagine a story about this passage?

•    Look carefully at the sculptures of people at the Hirshhorn Museum or at the National Gallery of Art and select those that you think would make excellent members of a basketball team.

•    Play “Charades” with your traveling companions using the city’s monuments and memorials as the subjects of the game to be acted out.  (This is a hard one!)

•    Draw your own map of the city putting in the most interesting sites you explored.