How to Explore Gardens and Not Get Bored If You Really Don’t Care About Flowers

Here are some things that have actually worked with kids and with adults:

  • Give each type of flower a specific name. First you must decide: In what language this name will be; What gender the flowers are. Now, think about what influenced your decisions about this name.
  • Take along a camera and get photos of people who are excited about flowers. Flower lovers can be quite animated!
  • Pretend you are a wild animal and flowers are your breakfast. Then decided which flowers you would eat and why.
  • Design a loud flower–print shirt for someone you do not like.
  • Design lovely flower wallpaper for some one you like a lot.
  • In your head, switch around the flower beds you see in the garden. Really switch them around! This could be the start of a Mindcraft video program.
  • Look for bugs --- Sit quietly in one place for at least 2 minutes and see what you can discover. You may be very surprised! If there is no activity, move to another spot.  But, remember, it’s important for you to be still for a period of time and just watch.
  • Create a secret message using flower words.
  • Create a quiz focused on the plants you see in the garden. 
  • Seek out the person on staff who creates topiary and lean all about the art form. 
  • Bring along a cookbook and locate the plants called for in a really tasty recipe. 
  • Think of all the songs you can with flower words in their lyrics. 
  • List all the words that rhyme with --- rose – tulip – bug – tree – daisy - posie. 
  • Listen for the wind. Listen for moving water. Listen for insects.