A Movie About Theodore Roosevelt? Bully!

Rumor has it that a movie entitled Roosevelt is in the planning stages. This is music to the ears of our Pickle Pea Walks team! There is hardly a U.S. president more interesting and more robust than Theodore Roosevelt!! (Not to be confused with his cousin, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who was a later U.S. president --- our 32nd president.). We've gotten to know Theodore through our walk, The White House As A Home, led by Quentin, his very charming, youngest child. (OK, our walk is really led by an actor playing the part of Quentin. But, our actor has all the charm and personality of the real Quentin.). And we are totally enamored with him both as a president and as a man!

We hear the movie will star Leonardo DiCaprio as Mr. Roosevelt. (Fantastic!)  And Martin Scorsese will direct. (A second Fantastic!)  The two have teamed up in the past to make "Shutter Island," "Gangs of New York," "The Wolf of Wall Street," "The Departed" and "The Aviator."  

Theodore Roosevelt, at age 42, is the youngest U.S. president to ever take the office (He was the 26th President of the United States.). He was noted for many things but preservation and conservation of American lands was a cause about which he was most passionate! He formally created our National Parks and designated much additional land as wilderness areas. The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation is also devoted to conservation so there is a natural kinship between actor and historical figure. This should make for a compassionate, genuine performance!

Theodore was also noted for being a playful and exhaustingly energetic father to his 6 children -- Alice, Ted, Ethel, Kermit, Archie and Quentin.  So Mr. DiCaprio may have to rest up a bit for the part! We wonder, who will be cast as the 6 kids? 

The movie has not been made yet so there is no date for it's premiere. But, we'll wait patiently for Theodore's energy and passion to play out on the screen! And maybe if Mr. DiCaprio and Mr. Scorsese would like to do some prep work, they'll join us for our White House As A Home Walk led by our very own Quentin Roosevelt. We'd love to have them!!

President Theodore Roosevelt & His Family

President Theodore Roosevelt & His Family