Once Upon a Time Your State Might Have Been Involved with Decorating the White House For Christmas

(Image from the White House Historical Association)  

What you say? How? When? Why? Really?

Yes, really! There is disagreement about which president displayed the first White House Christmas tree. But, by all reports, it was Jackie Kennedy who established the tradition of displaying a themed Christmas tree in the Blue Room of the White House (Christmas 1961). Since then at the beginning of each Christmas season the White House receives a beautiful, perfect tree to be decorated and proudly stand in the Blue Room as the official White House Christmas Tree.

Now, these beautiful, perfect trees are not grown on the White House grounds. The National Christmas Tree Association holds an annual competition to select the tree that receives the honor being the official White House Christmas Tree. To get this honor, a tree must first win its state competition and then it must win the National Grand Championship. Whoa!

Take a look at the states sending National Grand Champion Christmas Trees to the White House. Maybe your state has won this honor! Who knew!

White House Blue Room Christmas Trees by State of Origin Since 1961

(This list was complied by the White House Historical Association.)

  • North Carolina: 12
  • Pennsylvania: 11
  • Wisconsin: 8
  • Washington: 7
  • West Virginia: 4
  • Ohio: 3
  • Indiana: 2
  • Michigan: 2
  • New York: 2
  • Oregon: 2
  • Massachusetts: 1
  • Missouri: 1
  • Vermont: 1
  • Anonymously Donated from New England: 1
  • Unknown: 1

Of these --- 50 were fir trees, 7 were spruce trees and 1 lone tree was a pine.


Here’s a link to images of these official White House Christmas Tress and some of the First Ladies who decorated them.