Rascals in the White House; Join the Gang

Guide: Quentin Roosevelt

Period in History: Theodore Roosevelt (1901-09)

Length: 70 minutes | Distance: 1 mile

First Families are real people! So, in addition to serving as the president’s office, the White House must also serve as a home for the First Families. Who better to let you in on the behind-the-scenes life in the White House than Quentin Roosevelt, the youngest child of President Theodore Roosevelt (26th President of the United States) and his wife, First Lady, Edith Roosevelt.

When the Roosevelt’s moved in, the White House came alive with spirited spitballs hurled with perfect accuracy at White House paintings, a menagerie that would make a zookeeper’s head spin and a father who loved crazy antics with his children almost as much as they did!! The White House was, indeed, their home!!

As you stroll the president’s neighborhood with Quentin, he’ll share memories of his family's days living and playing in the White House.  He’s especially fond of telling walk guests all about the White House Gang, his group of friends that considered the attic of the White House their headquarters. And if he thinks you fit the bill, he’ll even make you a member of the gang!

Then there is Flora. Ah, yes! You’ll hear all about Flora!

The script for Rascals in the White House; Join the Gang was written by Kitty Felde, a favorite DC playwright. It’s full of wonderful tales of Quentin’s rambunctious years in the White House and stories describing life with “Father.”  Ms. Felde even threw in a few of the White House Gang’s favorite games for guests to try.

Come walk with history!

Can’t get enough of Quentin?

All photos on this page courtesy of Sagamore Hill National Historic Site, National Park Service, Oyster Bay, NY.